Be an owner. Enjoy like a guest!

Buy a fraction of your new vacation property and live like a  ROCKSTAR

Now you and your family can own a property at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol, and enjoy quality products and services like never before. You only pay a fraction of the property and become an owner with deed and registration. Your moment to live like a rockstar is just a step away.

Live the moment and own your property now! Your Property

There are currently 30 hotels in operation and many more under construction worldwide, redefining the concept of music in luxury destinations with the unmistakable Hard Rock footprint. For just a fraction of the property, you, your family and friends will be able to live a true show of experiences at the world’s most musically-inspired resort.

Your Vacation will never be the same

Located one hour from Londrina Airport, the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol is the place you are looking for to spend your vacation. By purchasing a fractional real estate you become a landlord with, and can use your property for two weeks of vacation a year.

Amenities Hard Rock Hotel

Rock Spa®

Give a musical touch from head to toe. We offer a variety of treatments and spa packages that take luxury to the next level.

Rock OM ®

This invigorating program combines the serenity of yoga with the energy of music, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi.

Body Rock ®

Sweat for the beat. A rockstar workout is a cutting-edge workout. We have the most technological equipment in the world with special design.

Rock Royalty ®

Have a concierge to help you live the rockstar experience of your dreams, discounts for show tickets and extra perks for your stay.

Rock Shop ™

Our items are used by millions of people around the world and have gained cult status, becoming the official reminder of the lived experience.

Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club™

Children need a place where they can have a unique adventure. Our kids spaces are part of an adult-free zone with permanent monitors.

Teen Spirit ®

For teenagers, experience depends on imagination. Your children will have music workshops, movies and games available for when they want to spend time with friends.

The Sound of Your Stay ®

Music drives us, nourishes our spirit and inspires our lives. Therefore, we offer this unique sound experience.

Recording Studio

The best way to enjoy your music is by playing! Vibrate with a drums or be the best guitarist you’ve ever dreamed of being.

Exclusive Gastronomy

If you are looking for a relaxed meal or the most refined gourmet experience, we have exactly what you need.

Rooftop Bars

Our bars are perfect for that after-dinner drink and parties. Enjoy premium cocktails, dancing and lots of rock ‘n’ roll.

Business and Events

Lift the curtains, signal the lights and let the show begin, because at the Hard Rock Hotel, we know how to turn any event into an unforgettable moment.

Choose your favorite property type

With units of various sizes between suites, apartments and houses, each fraction you buy gives you the right to 2 weeks of accommodation per year. Whether for a big band with your kids, for a duo or a solo career, here you’ll find the perfect stage for your rockstar vacation.

Understand the Multiproperty system and Fractional Real Estate

Buy your vacation property but pay only for what you will use

The fractional real estate came up with everything in Brazil through the business model already established in Europe and the United States.

This new multiproperty system, regulated by the Multiproperty Act 13,777/18, allows you to purchase your unit at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol to enjoy your holiday paying much less and with the advantage of owning your own vacation home.

For just a fraction of the total price, you will enjoy all the advantages of having your own holiday home, with deed and real estate registration at the best resort in South America.

Call your family & friends to give them a tour of the world’s most musically-inspired hotel brand.

It will be an inheritance for your heirs.
You can sell your property.
Rent your property by hotel system* and receive for it.
Exchange the vacation week you don’t use for accommodation in more than 4,000 destinations around the world.

*See the conditions with your sales promoter.

Exchange your vacation weeks and travel to amazing resorts in over 100 countries!

When buying your fractional real estate, you will be associated with RCI, the largest vacation exchange network in the world. And you can change your vacation by trading your weeks for accommodation credits at over 4,000 vacation destinations worldwide through the RCI exchange system.
Choose the dates and destinations you want to travel to, regardless of your vacation property.
Exchange your vacation property for any of the more than 4,300 affiliated ventures.

Be a Rockstar!

Enjoy outstanding vacation times with your family and friends for the rest of your life! Contact us and be an owner at Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ilha Do Sol!